Our Services

HAWK-EYE Technical Solutions is a technical service provider and think tank for the residential construction industry. We provide accurate information and reliable guidance to many builders, trades, government agencies, potential buyers and home owners. HAWK-EYE openly promotes energy efficiency and proper design essentials.

Some of the services available from HAWK-EYE Technical Solutions include:


HAWK-EYE Technical Solutions provides professional, certified trainers for many aspects of home construction. Our team has been providing course facilitation for multiple clients including, NRCan, Atlantic Home Warranty, Nova Scotia Power, etc.

Expert Witness Reporting

HAWK-EYE Technical Solutions provides professional, expert witnessing services and reports to its clients. This service is meant to simplify the issues and provide a very direct explanation and expert opinion on a subject which is likely outside of the experience or expertise of the adjudicator, arbitrator, mediator or judge.


Our team of experts bring a vast array of experience, training and certifications to assist you in your project. We can help you determine where best to spend your resources to maximize your efficiency, the productivity of your team and the end value of your efforts.

Heat Loss Calculations

When it comes to sizing the heating or cooling system for your project the old "Rule of Thumb" just isn't good enough anymore. Every building is different. Even a small change in the orientation of a house can lead to a different size of heating or cooling equipment.

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