What is R-2000?

Since its introduction in 1982, the R-2000 Standard has become the benchmark for best-in-class new house construction in Canada. R-2000 is an industry-endorsed technical performance standard for energy efficiency, indoor air quality, and environmental responsibility in home construction. It is a voluntary standard administered by Natural Resources Canada and delivered through a network of service organizations and professionals across Canada. The R-2000 Standard is upgraded periodically to recognize new technologies and building techniques as they become established in the marketplace.


R-2000 certified homes boast a wealth of advantages over conventional homes. They are more efficient than currently required by building codes and use less energy than a conventional home. This energy efficiency means lower operating costs as well as less green house gas emissions that harm our environment. Every R-2000 home incorporates a whole-house balanced ventilation system and uses building products that release fewer chemicals into the air. R-2000 homes use less water and less energy and have an air leakage of less than 1.5 air changes per hour(AC/H). Conventional homes generally have air change rates around 3 to 4 AC/H. This means fewer drafts in an R-2000 certified home.

Quality Assurance

R-2000 is a voluntary program that provides better quality, comfort and energy efficiency. Only licensed R-2000 builders who meet all the requirements are permitted to build R-2000 certified homes. All R-2000 homes are inspected and verified by third-party energy advisors to ensure they meet all of the requirements of the current R-2000 Standard and then certified by the Government of Canada. No other homes go through the level of quality assurance of an R-2000 certified home.

R-2000* is an Official Mark of Natural Resources Canada. Used with permission. For more information on the R-2000 Standard visit nrcan.gc.ca/homes.

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