Expert Witnessing

Unfortunately not every situation gets resolved amicably. For these situations HAWK-EYE Technical Services Inc. provides professional, expert witnessing services and reports to its clients. This service is meant to simplify the issues and provide a very direct explanation and expert opinion on a subject which is likely outside of the experience or expertise of the adjudicator, arbitrator, mediator or judge.

Generally, a client would direct their lawyer to secure an expert witness on their behalf. The lawyer would then approach an expert in the field and secure a retainer and contract. The expert witness will often work directly for the lawyer as they are governed by a code of ethics which protects the witness from non-payment for services rendered. A full review of the facts is performed by the witness prior to forming an expert opinion on the matter. This may require a site visit, testing, or other expenses which are billed to the law firm.

HAWK-EYE prepares expert witness reports in accordance with NSBS - CPR - Rule 55 - Expert Opinion. An estimate of the time and cost can usually be calculated once the expert receives all of the pertinent information and a list of questions the client would like addressed.

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No work will commence prior to receiving a signed contract and the non-refundable retainer as outlined in the contract. The retainer ensures that a client cannot hire a witness just to prevent them from being approached by the opposing side and then not pay them for their time.

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