EnerGuide Rating System

What is the EnerGuide Rating System (ERS)?

NRCan manages the EnerGuide Rating System, a well-established brand for the energy rating and labelling of products - mostly appliances - and homes, too.

Energy-efficient new homes benefit not only buyers and occupants but also the world we live in. When you use less energy in your home, you save money, but you also reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions that contribute to climate change.


Construction techniques that improve the energy efficiency of a house often improve comfort. For example, when you improve the airtightness of a home and install mechanical ventilation, you will experience fewer drafts, better air quality control and overall better performance of the home.

The R-2000 and ENERGY STAR for New Homes initiatives both use the EnerGuide Rating System to measure the levels of energy efficiency in homes. Builders registered in the EnerGuide Rating System Initiative are able to choose the most beneficial and cost-effective upgrades for energy efficiency for your new home during the planning phase.

EnerGuide is an official mark of Natural Resources Canada and is used with permission. Please visit nrcan.gc.ca/homes for information on Canada's EnerGuide Rating System Initiative.

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