Construction Inspections

Construction Inspection

Having a new home constructed for you is an exciting experience. We want to help keep the experience a pleasant one by providing independent inspections at various stages throughout the process. This will help to highlight any potential issues so they can be addressed immediately. If you are having your home renovated we can help you determine the best course of action and highlight some possible challenges so you are better prepared. Construction inspections include: pre-backfill, framing, insulation/air-tightness, pre-drywall, final inspections and pre-renovation consultations. These inspections help to ensure the quality of your new home or renovation and prevent unwanted surprises.


Whether you own a new or used home you may encounter an issue that you can not figure out. Rest assured that we are here to help. With the wealth of experience and training on our team we are capable of helping you determine the cause of most any issue and providing a clear, cost effective path to resolution.

For builders we can correctly administer Building Officials requests for an Application for an Objective Based Solution.

Scope of Work

Already had us do an inspection for you? Want help putting a list together? We can put together a Scope of Work for you to hand out to your contractors for quotes. A scope of work is a document that brings all the recommendations together with a little more description explaining what needs to be done. This service is only available after you have had an inspection completed.

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