Codes and Standards

Codes and Standards
"Don't shoot the messenger"

It has been some time now since the new National Building Code of Canada was adopted in Nova Scotia.
This means we are now using:
NBC2010 plus the Revisions and Errata Package.

In Nova Scotia these new codes were adopted for use on January 1, 2014 as per the current Nova Scotia Building Code Regulations.

Most notably for those of us in the construction and HVAC service we now have Section 9.36 Energy Efficiency to work with.

Your Energy Advisor needs to have the knowledge and commitment to translate your project to the required reporting format mandated in the NBC.

Your Service Organization should be advising you which program is best for you:

The EnerGuide Rating System can help you confirm your house will meet the energy efficiency requirements of the NBC.

ENERGY STAR for New Homes will help you show home buyers you build a better quality of house while meeting the energy efficiency requirements of the NBC.

R-2000 is now the most aggressive level of energy efficiency available for new houses. It is likely to become the basis for the not-too-distant future of Net-Zero Energy homes.

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